About that logo

Question: Wait a minute! Don't I know this Texan T-Rex from somewhere?
Answer: I hope you do! That guy might remind you of T-Rex from the excellent webcomic Dinosaur Comics.

Question: So you stole T-Rex from Dinosaur Comics?
Answer: Hah! I certainly did not. And I have proof: Note that this T-Rex's pose does not occur in Dinosaur Comics, and note the insanely high resolution of this version of the logo. Also, the T-Rex in Dinosaur Comics cannot shoot lasers from their eyes (see there), while this T-Rex has been merrily lasering away since mid-2015. (But, obviously, this T-Rex was inspired by Dinosaur Comics.)

Question: So how did you create your logo?
Answer: Simple! I tracked down the very same ancient clip art software from which the dinos in Dinosaur comics came from. The T-Rex, the hat and the star badge are from that software; the Texas flag and the explosions are from public domain images, and I made the laser beams myself in Gimp.

Question: Okay, that's how you did it. But… why?
Answer: Because I wanted to have a very awesome logo.