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Journal and Conference Publications:

18. Splitting Spanner Atoms: A Tool for Acyclic Core Spanners
 (with Sam M. Thompson)
17. The theory of concatenation over finite models
 (with Liat Peterfreund)
16. Dynamic Complexity of Document Spanners
 (with Sam M. Thompson)
15. Complexity Bounds for Relational Algebra over Document Spanners
 (with Liat Peterfreund, Benny Kimelfeld, Markus Kröll) – more information
14. Joining Extractions of Regular Expressions
 (with Benny Kimelfeld, Liat Peterfreund) – more information
13. Deterministic Regular Expressions With Back-References
 (with Markus L. Schmid) – more information
12. A Logic for Document Spanners
more information
11. Document Spanners: From Expressive Power to Decision Problems
 (with Mario Holldack) – more information
10. Fast Learning of Restricted Regular Expressions and DTDs
 (with Timo Kötzing) – more information
9. Expressiveness and static analysis of extended conjunctive regular path queries
 (with Nicole Schweikardt) – more information
8. Extended Regular Expressions: Succinctness and Decidability
more information
7. Weakly Unambiguous Morphisms
 (with Hossein Nevisi, Daniel Reidenbach)
6. Inferring Descriptive Generalisations of Formal Languages
 (with Daniel Reidenbach)
5. Inclusion Problems for Patterns With a Bounded Number of Variables
 (with Joachim Bremer) – more information
4. Existence and Nonexistence of Descriptive Patterns
 (with Daniel Reidenbach)
3. Bad News on Decision Problems for Patterns
 (with Daniel Reidenbach)
2. The Unambiguity of Segmented Morphisms
 (with Daniel Reidenbach)
1. Unambiguous Morphic Images of Strings
 (with Daniel Reidenbach, Johannes C. Schneider)

Festschrift Contributions: